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Speech Therapy

The Speech-Language Pathologists at ACSSSD provide evaluations, interventions, and aid in the development of Individualized Education Plans for students ranging from 3-21 years of age. Speech therapy services may range from a consultative model to direct services across environments within the school setting or at student work placements. 
The Speech Therapy department works collaboratively with classroom teachers, related services, and support staff to address student objectives. Targeted areas of treatment may include receptive and expressive language development, articulation skills, therapeutic feeding, social and pragmatic skills, and alternative and augmentative communication depending on the student's individual needs.
Joni Adams
(609) 909-9258 ex: 4735
Speech-Language Pathologist
Carol Bell
(609) 625-5663 ex: 4487
Speech-Language Pathologist
Heidi Hackett
(609) 909-9258 ex: 4718
Speech-Language Pathologist.
Lynn Stein
(609) 625-5663 ex: 4435
Speech-Language Pathologist
Bonnie Zimmerman
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Speech-Language Pathologist