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Child Study Team

The ACSSSD Child Study Team (CST) consists of a school psychologist, two learning disabilities teacher consultants, and two social workers.  The CST members serve as case managers for students enrolled at ACSSSD.  The case manager collaborates with sending school district case managers and parents/guardians to offer tours of programs at ACSSSD; to facilitate admissions and intake meetings; to develop individualized education  and transition plans; and to assist teachers and therapists in implementing the programs outlined in each student's IEP. 
The CST adheres to the guidelines of N.J.A.C. 6A:14 and conduct evaluations (learning evaluation, psychological evaluation, and social history) at the request of the student's home school district.  The CST coordinates the ACSSSD's annual Resource Fair.  The school psychologist and social workers provide counseling as a related service to selected students.
Lisa Arabea
(609) 625-6911 ex: 4417
School Social Worker
Fawn Butcher
(609) 625-6911 ex: 4815
School Social Worker
Heather Moller
(609) 625-6911 ex: 4816
Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant
Sharon Warren
(609) 625-6911 ex: 4429
Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant
 Jen Cruickshank, Ed.S.
(609) 625-6911 ex: 4820
Child Study Team & Related Services Supervisor
Leslie Sykes
(609) 625-6911 ex: 4412
Child Study Team Secretary