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Physical Therapy

The school based team of State and board licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy function as interdisciplinary members of the IEP team when physical therapy (PT) is a needed resource.  School based PT is indicated when a child needs gross motor, positioning, and functional assistance to fully and functionally access their education.
The Physical Therapists use their expertise in movement and function to maximize the student's functional independence in the current educational setting and to prepare them for further education, employment, and independent living.  Physical therapy promotes each student's strengths by improving his or her skills in mobility, posture and movement transitions within the school environment.
The physical therapy services can be provided as consultative, in the classroom, directly in the therapy gym, and in small gross motor groups, depending on the child's needs.  Therapy sessions focus on functional mobility and safe, efficient access and participation in educational activities and routines.  Additionally, the PT department works to educate staff on safe and proper positioning and transfers.  
The use of adaptive and assistive technology, including gait trainers, power wheelchairs, orthotics, and walkers, help each child to progress to their full potential.  The therapists act as liaisons to the approved equipment vendors in order to acquire the most appropriate adaptive equipment and bracing as needed.  
The PT department facilitates a monthly Brace/Orthotic.  The purpose of the clinic is to:
  • Provide students direct clinic time with approved pediatric orthotists
  • Address bracing needs impacting the student's educational performance
  • Fabrication/modification of lower extremity braces and trunk supports
The PT department also facilitates a monthly Equipment Clinic.  The purpose of the clinic is to:
  • Provide students direct contact with approved durable medical equipment vendors
  • Address individual equipment needs impacting the student's educational performance
  • Offer collaboration to staff and family members to determine the most appropriate seating and positioning needs.
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