Solar Eclipse 4-8-24

Tomorrow April 8, 2024, our area will experience a solar eclipse. This event is
estimated to commence around 2:00 p.m. and will last until approximately 4:35
p.m., with the maximum point of darkness at or about 3:20 p.m.
We will be taking extra precautions by having our students start the dismissal
process early, and plan to have auxiliary lighting outside in the dismissal area.
As students will be dismissed at the regular afternoon dismissal time, please
emphasize to your child the importance of not looking directly at the sun without
proper eye protection. Direct viewing of the sun during an eclipse can cause
serious eye damage or blindness. Only certified solar viewing glasses or solar
filters that meet the necessary safety standards, (ISO 12312-2) for viewing the
eclipse should be used. Homemade or improvised viewing devices, such as
sunglasses or smoked glass do not provide adequate eye protection for this event.
Throughout the day, students will be learning about the solar eclipse in their
classes. Teachers will also be emphasizing the safety precautions students should
take during the eclipse.
Additional information and resources may be found at the NASA 2024 Total Solar
Eclipse webpage